Monday, June 11, 2012

My old friend, it's time to say goodbye...

It's been 3 years since my last post about Big Sweetie. The last post about her can be found here.

  My old getting old.

The time has finally come that I had to make the decision I spoke of in the other post about her. She has made it three years since my last post and been in relatively good health for the most part. Her health is declining at a rapid pace now.

It started with a tumor on her sweet face that is now very large.

Her hips are also in bad shape. She wobbles around the house, and has fallen on more than one occasion. We were on a walk and she faceplanted twice for no reason. Then fell down the stairs to the rec room last Friday. She often cries now when doing nothing more than laying in the floor.

This has told me that it is time. I love her too damn much to allow her to suffer anymore. At the time of posting this, she has 7 days left.  In 7 days I will take her out to the shade trees behind our house, she will get her injection and I will hold her until she takes her last breath.

She has been my best friend for almost 9 years now. She knows more of my secrets and fears than any other person on this planet. She has comforted me when I have been sad, danced around with me when I have been happy, and stolen pork chops from my plate when I looked away.

I will NEVER forget all the good times we all have had with her.

The time Kyle and I got up the courage to try her doggie oreos and found that they tasted just like real oreos, so we broke each cookie in half that night. Half for Big Sweetie, half for us.

The time she literally lived on the bed with mom during her chemotherapy. She only got off the bed to eat and go potty.

The time Blevins first met her, I told him that "She is a good dog, just don't look her in the eyes." So funny watching him try to pet her without looking directly at her while she was trying to get all his attention. Best prank ever. Hah!

The time she pooped in the house cause a tornado was like 500 yards away from the house. (The only time she ever messed in the house!)

                                          She is the best barometer ever.

She chose me, she adopted me, she saved me.

I know after next Monday, she will feel no more pain. No more aching hips. No more cancer pains. I know in my heart I am doing the right thing for her.  It has been a struggle to overcome my selfish desires to keep her on this plane of existence with me longer than need be. We are having a wee gathering this weekend of people that know her. To say their final goodbyes to this great dog. Not just a just guardian angel.

It amazes me just how many lives she has touched. I don't think a single person that has ever met her disliked fact she captured their hearts.

Big Sweetie I love you so much. I love you enough to be able to let you go. It will hurt. But it is for the best babygirl. With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, I am able to say that my best friend will be in a better place soon. It will leave a void in my heart that will not be filled for a long time.

I said it on the last post about her and it still stands true to this day. Big Sweetie we love you. Best dog ever.

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  1. Oh, how my heart breaks. The world was blessed

    with Sweetie and heaven will be too. Not enough Kleenex to get through your posting. Sending prayers of comfort from the angels and peace for all of you.